With my health kinda all over the place and now with the crummy weather , it’s been really tough to set an official start date for the Rome marathon training. Well, on Saturday morning in between storms ,I finally took the plunge and completed my first semi long slow distance training walk of the season.

Since I hadn’t done any significant walks since July , I figured Id go easy on my legs and limit this initial walk to only 8 miles instead of the 10 miles I had originally planned for. I followed my usual Ferry building to GG bridge route along the SF water front and had no problems with my lungs. Despite bone chilling temps ( 39 degrees when I started ), it felt really good to get out there again and do some real walking. I walked a very slow 20 min pace and stopped to take a few pictures along the way.

As I mentioned in my last post, because of the fact Ive been having lots of muscle problems lately and because my endurance levels and lung function are at an all time low, I’ve decided to do a series of 3 semi long distance “tests walks” , to see how my body holds up. In 3 weeks I’ll re-evaluate things and make a final decision as to whether I’ll be able to continue on with the rest of the planned training for the upcoming marathon. A more gradual build up of miles would probably reduce some of the aches and pains associated with the longer walks, but with less than 3 months to prepare for this race , there’s just not enough time to train that way. Instead , I will do one long walk every other weekend ( lungs permitting) , adding 3 miles to each. On the alternate weekends I will do either an 8 miler or a 10 . In addition to the long walks, I’ll be doing two -5 milers per week and visit the gym twice a week to cross train on the bike and lift weights.

Here’s a few pics I took on my 1st LSD. San Francisco is especially pretty this time year. Have a nice Christmas! Buon Natale !

 It's a bit nippy this morning...39 degrees.

Embarcadero Center at 7 am

I start all my long walks at the Ferry Building



The views on the way up to Fort Mason

Yup..That's Alcatraz

Behind me

View from the top of Fort Mason


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