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It’s been a very busy month indeed.

When they say a lung transplant evaluation is thorough and exhausting, they’re not kidding. Every time I think Ive completed all the required tests, the transplant coordinator calls to say I still have more to do. In addition, some of these test have to be repeated every few months. But at least Ive had the luxury of getting most of this testing done at my own pace. Many pre transplant patients have these tests done on an urgent basis– sometimes just hours before being listed for transplant or being wheeled in for the actual surgery.

In any case, this is the stuff Ive complete so far. I hope to be completely finished by the end of September.

Blood and Urine Tests :

35 vials drawn at one sitting
35 vials taken during a single blood draw

pre transplant tests

Multiple 24 hours urine samples.
Multiple 24 hours urine samples.

Vaccines and misc injections:
Hep A & B vaccines
PPD ( Tuberculosis test)
Flu Shot

Pulmonary Function and Exercise Tests:
Full PFTs

Exercise stress test
6 minute walk test

Imagining and Diagnotics:
Left and right heart Catherization
Echo Cardiogram with bubble test
Abdominal Ultrasound
24 Hr Ph test
Dexa Bone scan
Upper GI (pending)
CT scan
VQ Scan 

Transplant Pulmonologists
Transplant Surgeons
Anesthesiologist (pending)
Social Worker
Transplant Coordinator
Dietician (pending)
Financial Counselor

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