This is slightly off topic, but I just had to Thank Barry Manilow , Stiletto and all musicians , performers and behind- the- scenes personnel, for putting together the bonus section of the new Music & Passion DVD . I just received it today. Definitely a treat for his die hard fans and anyone else who enjoys his Vegas show.

My Mom and I were in the audience for these two performances back in December, so getting a chance to see what was actually going on back stage ( 3 months later), kinda completes the experience for me.( My Mom can be seen for a brief moment , standing up in the balcony.)

Yes, I ‘m a guy ……and I’ve been a huge fan of Barry Manilow, his music and his live shows for the past 25 years.

Thank You Gary Oye , for maintaining the Barrynet all these years.

After watching this DVD
I think I”m in the green again

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