With it becoming more and more difficult for me to exercise as much as would like to, Ive gradually begun to fill some of that time void with music practice. More specifically, playing the bass.

Both of these activities have become an increasingly important part of my life the past few years, providing a welcome distraction from the business of crappy breathing and seemingly endless medical appts and hospitalizations. I essentially begin and end each day with one or the other. I’ll do about 2 hours music practice on the bass, starting at around 5 am, followed by a 30 minute walk. Then depending on how Im breathing and my schedule for that day, I’ll sometimes do 2nd walk just before dinner for a total of just over 3 miles for the day.

Just like with my walks or any other form of prolonged physical exertion, before I start my practice on the guitar,I almost always have to pre-medicate with a neb treatment.. Yes, even though I sit while I play, it’s still quite a workout for me and if Im not breathing at my best, I have a really hard time concentrating. The cool thing though, is that once I learn a piece, I get lost in the music and temporarily forget about my breathing all together. Still, it can be quite a challenge at times to play an instrument that requires a certain amount of hand and finger dexterity when you’re constantly having to deal with prednisone induced muscle cramps.

I suppose the message here, is that when you have severe lung disease, hobbies can be just as important in maintaining a good quality of life as is daily exercise. The great thing about music and exercise is that you can usually do them together. They are so good for you on so many levels.

If you wanna take a peek or a listen, here’s my music therapy page.

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  1. I agree, because I cannot get out and ‘do’ my photography like I’ve done the in past both due to my asthma and an OTJ injury which left me partially disabled with chronic pain, so this last winter to fill that ‘create’ spot in me, I picked up my calligraphy and watercolors and have begun to enjoy that time of creating with paper, pens and color… good for you!

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