I finally got a chance to hook up with my good friend, and elite runner/racewalker , Hansi Rigney.
I met Hansi at one of Dave Mc Govern’s racewalking clinics back in 2006 , and we quickly became close friends.
With family and race commitments all over the world , she’s rarely in the country. So when she told me she’d be here for two weeks, I jumped at the chance to visit with her. I picked up my Mom in San Jose and we drove down to Carmel where Hansi has a home.

What can I say….except that I adore and admire this women! She’s traveled the globe and has run and racewalked in more races , in more countries, than anyone I’ve ever met. More important though, she’s a super person with an unmatched enthusiasm for life. I’m so lucky to have a friend like her.

She recently placed at Quad Dipsea ( her first trail race ) and will be doing the Berlin marathon followed by Chicago and New York. She’s place 1st at Boston two years in a row, placed 1st at Big Sur several times, and set a new course record at the CIM ( California International Marathon) last year. She arguably holds the American marathon record as the fastest women in her age division.

Thanks to Hansi and her husband Bob, I will be doing something next March , that I could only imagine in my wildest dreams. More about that when the plans are finalized…………

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