5 thoughts on “My New Rabbit

  1. I'm like you and gadgets — totally agree, that thing is awesome, if I didn't know, I'd think it was a stereo, too. I think you need to give it a name, since it's a rabbit and all :P. [. . . You know, it IS kind of like a ninja . . . ;)]

  2. Could have done with one of these on Tuesday when we had the builders in fitting our new doors. How does it work on all that cat hair? You must have to change the Hepa filters regularly. We have them in our Dysons and in the Merc. They get changed often to be sure! x

    1. The unit has 3 different filters. The first one is for larger particles like hair , which can be cleaned and re-used. The Hepa and charcoal filters need to be replaced about every year or so.

      1. That's right. The charcoal one in the car needs replacing every 6 months. They've all just been done. I think driving around in the car is probably my cleanest air supply!!

        I also wash the large filters from my oxygen concentrator and POC. They say weekly, but I do it more like monthly and they are never dirty! The big machine always has a window open above it, so it is sucking in fresh air not room fluff hair and dust, although I may wash it more frequently once the pollen starts up here! xx

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