If you’ve ever done the Portland Marathon , you might recognize this place around mile 24.

Well, Saturday I’m off to visit that place again. No…..not to walk the marathon (even though I’ll be in a crowd of about the same size) No…. this time I’ll be inside that building taking part in an event just exciting!!!…. ……… a rare Manilow Concert at the Rose Quarter in Portland, Oregon.

Yup, I’m a guy who loves Barry’s Music and live shows….and I’m proud of it!
It’s no secret that I’ve been a fanilow for over 30 years and have been to lots of his shows, but what makes this performance so special to me, and worth traveling 600+ miles for, is the fact that:

* The proceeds of this concert benefits the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

* The Rose Quarter Arena is located along the actual Portland marathon course where I finished my first marathon. ( I was actually listening to his music on my ipod as I unknowingly walked passed the place)

*Unlike Barry’s Vegas show, this is a concert venue, which means the stadium will be packed with mostly die-hard fans… not tourists!

* I have a seat that is 15 feet away from the stage – DEAD CENTER-

Besides attending the show on Monday, I also plan to get a little walking in while I’m in town ( weather and lungs permitting.) I’d like to “re-walk” the last 6 miles of the marathon the course, to see what it’s like the second time around. I only remember small fragments of that part of the course, as I wasn’t feeling so hot the first time I walked it . I’m sure I’ll come back with a totally different perspective on things.

I won’t be hauling a laptop, so I wont be able to post again until I return home at the end of next week. Until then, everyone have a safe Running/Walking/Joggling week!

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