With the help of Dave Mc Govern, Ive come up with a new training schedule that I think will help me achieve my long term goal of racewalking portions of a full marathon. For the near future though, I’m focusing on the upcoming San Francisco Marathon. This will be the first event in which I hope to inject intervals of legal racewalking throughout the entire 13.1 mile course.
Up to this point in my new racewalking/fitness-walk training plan , Ive been able to gradually increase the number and distance of racewalking intervals that I can do, per mile of regular fitness – paced walking. Currently, I’m able to racewalk 100-200 meters , two -three times per mile. ( depending on how my lungs react). That means appx 1/3 of every mile is legally racewalked. I’ve also been able to sustain a 10:30 pace during these intervals compared to my fitness walking pace of 13:45. The real question now, is I will be able to keep this pattern up for 3 hours and then eventually 6 hours when I attempted my first full marathon.
I’ll never know until I do it.

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