It’s now three days post-race and the body aches have eased up a lot though, not completely. I hope to get out and do at least, a short walk by this weekend. I’m already planning my strategy for the San Francisco Marathon in late July and I cant wait to get out there and start working on it.

During this last race I made it sort of a game to observe the walking styles of as many people as I could. (also cuts down on the monotony of the walk) Without bragging, I think my striding technique was better than most. I was able to walk farther distances without breaking stride. In addition, my pace was more consistent and my leg transitions and arm swings were much smoother . Remember, I do a toned down version of racewalking, which means I incorporate the proper hip motion and foot placement ,but not as exaggerated .

Up to this point in my walking career, I’ve basically tried to increase my endurance by logging lots and lots of miles. Speed wasn’t really an issue. All I really wanted, was to be able to complete a 13 mile course and not die in the process. Asthma had always dictated how far , how fast and how long I could walk. Some of those parameters are changing. It seems that all of this training has made me a more efficient walker.

My focus of training for the next race ,will be to improve and refine my walking style even more. For me , maximizing efficiency to cut down on wasted body motion …. Is everything. I believe that with a more “efficient” stride , that I can increase my overall speed without burning out so quickly. In turn, this might give me the few extra minutes I need to break the 3 hour barrier.

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