The Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon is just 2 months away . I ‘ll start training for this event in about 2 weeks. Looks like the entire course is inside Golden Gate park. Its a beautiful park but can get very chilly because of all the tree shade. I’ve done 8 mile training walks in that park so it shouldnt be that tough. ( Nothing could be tougher than the US HALF course)
This is the first race that Im doing….. just for fun. Its for a good cause and its sponsored by my former employer( Kaiser) If I set a new PR that will be great too. Its just a healthy alternative for Super Bowl Sunday.
This will probably be the last 1/2 marathon that I will do until until late next summer. For the next 7 months I really want to focus on the 26.2 miler that I hope to do sometime in 2006.

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