Only 14 days left until the USHALF marathon. This half marathon walk is going to be a lot tougher than the last one I did at the RUNSFM . There are 3 challenging hills to climb. I can walk on flat surfaces for hours but hills, that’s another story. Even a moderate incline can wipe me out in minutes. On my last Golden Bridge walk I encountered 2 of these hills and they really slowed me down. I had to use the inhaler after both of them and It still took me while to recover. On top of that, this is a much faster course than the RUNSFM.

The aid stations and the course start closing based on a 13 min/ mile pace. My current average pace for this course is just 14:20 ( my average pace during the RUNSFM was 13:10) I was hoping to beat my PR but, with these hills I will be lucky to finish at all.
Luckily the finish line stays open for 4 hours.

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