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Ive resisted this for a long time, but I suppose it had to happen eventually……I now have oxygen in my home. ( Just the sight of these little green cylinders bums me out). Hopefully, after I recover from this current bout, they will stay hidden in the closet , never to see the light of day again. The good news is that my O2 sats are near normal again when I exert myself. Ive only been desaturating to the low 90’s, compared to the low 70’s just a week ago.

Having O2 available in my home, was one of the conditions of my release from prison last week. They weren’t going to discharge me unless I agreed to it. I’m only going to use it during flare-ups, but some of my doctors think that because my asthma is so severe, that I should be on it all the time. Apria ( the O2 company) even tried to set me up with a concentrator ( a machine that makes oxygen), but I refused to take delivery. I was able to get the order changed to just small cylinders.

Asthma is not emphysema…my diffusion studies are near normal. Just because a person has severe asthma, doesn’t mean that they require supplemental oxygen. For the most part, my O2 saturations are very good when I’m feeling well. I only desaturate during exacerbations or too much exercise.

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3 thoughts on “Ohhhhh No…O2

  1. ……hey ho, welcome to the club, partner!

    (Yep, I don’t always use it like I should either-just when I know I really need it, and to be able to conquer more than I could without it)

    Sus xx

  2. I have to agree with the above comment! Welcome to the club 🙂

    I have a concentrator and only use it when I have to….which is more than I’d like to.

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