Earlier this afternoon Mike Mc Bride and I crossed the finish line at the Boston marathon , making us the first registered runners with documented severe lung disease, ever to do so!

Unfortunately, I started to flare-up pretty bad during the last two miles of the race and within 5 minutes of crossing the finish line, was whisked away to the hospital where I’m supposedly in serious , but stable condition…lol. This post was sent out courtesy of the wonderful Social Services personnel at Boston Mass General hospital. I ‘ll write a complete race report in about a week when I return to California, but let me just say this..The Boston marathon experience is everything people claim it is….and more!!

Thanks everyone for your support!

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12 thoughts on “On April 20th, We made History !

  1. Congratulations on your marathon! I found your blog because I saw your friend Mike while I was watching the race in Natick yesterday and wondered about his story. You are both amazing for what you have achieved!

  2. Your friends cart caught my eye. Just want you to know that I find you both inspiring. Feel better. Hope they treat you well at MGH!
    -A Boston Marathon fan

  3. Stephen,

    I have COPD. I have had lung disease all my life. I was very inspired by all you have done as I perused your website which I read about in the Boston Globe following your unbelievable Boston Marathon experience.

    I would love to exchange some e-mails with you and perhaps we can learn from and help each other. In 1999 I had Lung Volume Reduction Surgery in that I had the lower lobe of my left lung removed. The result was miraculous. Following recuperation I could actually run up a flight of stairs. Well, things have deteriorated And I am seeking anything that makes sense to help my breathing capacity. On April 30th I am to have a silicone stent implanted to hold open my airways. I am advised I will know within two weeks if it helps.

    My FEV 1 is slightly better than yours at .37. I try to keep a busy schedule with teaching, consulting and writing. When a client sits in front of my desk I seem as normal to them as Blueberry pie but with teaching it is getting more difficult and I really don’t want students to know of my disability. Strangely enough I teach about disabilities and the law.

    I would love to hear from you.

    Please know your website and all you have accomplished are an inspiration that will serve me well.

    Robert Sawyer

  4. Congratulations Steve. What an amazing awesome adventure you’ve been on. Your doing what some people are only willing to dream about. Life is meant to be lived. Looking forward to reading about your adventure. Sorry you ended up in the hospital. 😀 :rotfl:

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