I just wanna thank Kerri and Dr Wenzel for looking after me while I was in the hospital. I actually emerged from the slammer sicker than when I went in and I have a lot of recovering to do.The virus or (whatever it was) ,kicked my butt. Oh Yes, And I’m definitively Allergic to Propofol.

I’ll write about the whole sorted affair after I start to feel human again.

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14 thoughts on “Out on Parole, But still sick as a dog

      1. You're most welcome! Next time we connect, we'll have to make sure it's under better circumstances, yes? 🙂
        I am sending mucho positivity vibes over there. And filtering out our freaking cold weather and my own icky germs so you only get the good stuff.

        Also, I agree with Cris. Skip winter.

  1. holy shit, did they tube you??? wow… glad you're out tho.

    maybe winter isn't good for you. maybe you should skip winter from now on.

    love the new comment posting area. very nice.

  2. welcome back!!! to the living maybe how much prednisone???? i thought you had taken profolo????? any well rest easy we're thinkin of you marsh

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