Is it just my imagination ? I swear, since I began doing my routine walks around town, I run into more and more people who seem to be doing the same thing. Did I start a new trend? Did I have any role in their decision to begin fitness walking?

Most walkers and runners that I pass on the street seem pretty friendly. Most of them will acknowledge others with a smile or a thumbs -up. Last week another fitness walker actually stopped me ( they usually don’t because they see I have my headphones on) She just wanted to tell me that she sees me walking all over town and that she thought I had excellent walking form. She asked me if I was a Pro? Wow , that really boosted my ego. Maybe she just wanted to start a conversation but I really think she just wanted to pay me a compliment

Then there’s the drive bys. I usually get weird stares from people driving by. I always feel like they’re saying … “there’s that walking guy again”. Maybe they’re sick of always seeing me everywhere they go in town. Its not like I walk day and night non-stop. Well, if more and more people are indeed walking, then there should be less people driving….right?

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