Couldn’t have happened to a nicer or more humble guy. Can you imagine…. walking 50 km ( 31 miles ) in 4:05….That’s crazy fast!!!!

Philip Dunn is one of my racewalking idols, and last year I had the pleasure of meeting him at the Portland Marathon . Oddly enough, he didn’t racewalk the marathon … he did that weird thing with the ski poles ( Nordic walking. ) He came in 1st place of course, which didn’t surprise me a bit. He occasionally teaches racewalking clinics with Dave Mc Govern and also belongs to my local walking club.

This will be Philips 2nd 3rd time at the Olympics and I know it’s been a long hard road for him to get there. Unlike some Olympians , the last time I spoke with Philip , he was working a part time job to support his new family AND still managed to maintain a full time workout schedule ……That’s a phenomenal feat in itself.

Good luck Philip ..We’re all so proud of you!

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One thought on “Philip goes to Beijing

  1. philip dunn says:

    hey steve,

    thanks for the post on your website. a couple small corrections: this will be my third olympics – so much for all that humble stuff, right? 🙂 and i am lucky enough that i am not working full-time, just part-time freelance stuff, though it is always a challenge to make this ‘professional’ athlete thing work. oh, and i did that ‘weird pole walking’ thing in the portland marathon because my hamstring wouldn’t allow me to racewalk and i needed to get some exercise. 🙂

    cheers, philip

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