So here I am, half way into my 18 miler, just coming off the Golden Gate Bridge and racewalking down Long ave, when all of a sudden, I hear someone call out my name. There’s this little guy, totally buffed, riding his bike up the hill toward me. Sure enough, is was Rick of “365me” fame!

I couldn’t believe it.. he actually recognized me! He was all decked out in his cycling clothes, on his way to meet some friends in Marin. The first sentence out of his mouth was “how’s that knee doing? How sweet is that! He remembered from one of my earlier posts, that I was having knee problems, and was kind enough to leave comments on what to do about it.

I have to tell you, in person Rick is like a mini Hulk!
Not surprising I guess, since he runs 100 milers for fun. Anyways, we talked for a few minutes, he snapped a quick picture , then we headed off in opposite directions. I finished my measly 18.2 mile walk, in 5 hours flat .

Call me sentimental , or maybe even star struck, but after that encounter I felt like I had just had the privilege of meeting a famous celebrity or something……. that really made my day!

PS Rick……. as soon I got to mile 12, my knee started hurting like hell…. and today my lungs are acting up. Figures huh!

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4 thoughts on “Pleasant Surprise

  1. rick says:

    So all that upper body stuff, that’s just fluff and the wonders of cycling clothing. All the power is in my legs which is why I had to go back to the gym, to re-strengthen everything because all the endurance stuff is breaking them down.

  2. Annette says:

    Sorry about the knee. Take care of that! How exciting about walking in Rome next year! WOW! That will be quite the adventure.

  3. Bob Gentile says:

    lol Rick is a stud huh…he just likes wearing those bike tights to get the ladies 🙂 He told me he hates that bike stuff (kiddin’)

    Take care of that Knee…

  4. hope says:

    i have never used anything like this before and i hope you even get this message! i was wanting to comment to barry m. about his backing out on the view but i dont know how to do that could u help me??
    thanks and baycitywalker u are cool!!!

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