As promised, here are two of the lesser gross pictures of yesterdays bone graft surgery. You can see how swollen the gum is around the implant .After scraping out the area, he filled it with synthetic bone and tightened it all up with 12 sutures.
As soon as the local anesthetic wore off , it hurt big time; but it wasn’t nearly as painful as when they originally placed all the implants.
One thing that’s still bothering though, is that 24 hours later, my face is still completely numb on the effected side!
I hope the numbness goes away soon, because it’s very difficult to drink from a cup when half of your lip muscles don’t work.

This is where I’ll be parked for the next day or two. I hope to be out walking again by this weekend.

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5 thoughts on “Post op

  1. Brittney says:

    Ouch!! Hope the mouth feels better quickly, and you get feeling back in your face. I’ve always said that I need a toddler’s sippy cup to help catch the dribbles after a dentists appointment.

  2. Fran says:

    Yikes! Hoping that you’re feeling better and that you lip muscles recover soon.

  3. Bob Gentile says:

    YIKESSSSSSSS … ummm going to floss right now

    Get better soon!! Recover Well!

  4. amy says:

    Ooh, I am seriously thinking some good, healing thoughts for you right now.

    Asthma Mom

  5. runliarun says:


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