Need proof that asthma is an expensive disease?

So far this year the medical bills associated with treating my asthma totals $1,362,067.99. And while that’s the most Ive racked up in a single year, on average it still costs about a half million dollars to keep this asthmatic alive, and most of that from taxpayer dollars.

If those numbers, or the fact that 3500 people still die of the disease annually in the US alone, is not enough reason to invest more in severe asthma research, I don’t know what is.

Obviously my asthma is more severe that most and it requires a lot more medical care, but just imagine how much is spent annually treating all 30 million+ asthmatics in this country… regardless of severity. Ironically, this was one of my better years with only 4 inpatient hospitalizations, but I ended up spending more days in the ICU, which is incredibly expensive.

During the months of Sept and October alone, I had 2 back to back hospital admissions totaling 20 inpatient days. Below is the actual bill for just the last 12 days of that stint, coming in at $467,000.

I realize that I live in one of the most expensive areas in the world for medical care, but 1.3 million for one year of care? That’s crazy no matter where you live. Even scarier, is that if I didn’t have medical insurance, Id be on the hook for the entire amount.

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3 thoughts on “The Price tag for 2018

  1. Why do you claim that most of your medical expenses are paid for with taxpayer dollars? You claim to have insurance, so I’m confused. (I’m glad to have found this blog. I’m trying to better understand my girlfriend’s asthma).

  2. Hello, I have Medicare, plus private insurance that pays the gaps that Medicare doesn’t cover. Medicare is funded with tax payer dollars , including my own. Sorry about your GFs asthma.

  3. Thank you. If it helps any, my asthma is extremely unusual in it’s severity and not very common among the general asthma population. Most asthmatics, even those considered severe, can achieve at least some level of control and go on to live fairly normal lives in between flare ups. I hope this is the case with your loved one.

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