I’m up a notch to the yellow now …..And despite the fact that my peak flows are still down, I had a pretty decent walk today. I was only able to do 5 miles, but I got to do a lot of racewalking drills in those miles. At one point in my walk , during one of those “racewalking moments”, I got this huge grin on my face. You know, the kind you get when you’re just so freakin proud of yourself ?? Yeah..that makes me feel like its all worth it.

Prior to attending Dave’s clinic and reading his book, I could only practice on what little I thought , was legitimate racewalking technique. Boy, was I off the mark. I was so focused on landing on the heel with a straightened knee, that I never really worked on the rest of the follow- through of that leg. As a result, I developed a very short stride with no punch! Oh..I could land heal first on a straightened knee every time ,but I wasn’t propelling myself forward with any force. I wasn’t pushing off that back foot and I certainly wasn’t lifting my knee properly. To make things worse, I was under- utilizing my arms. I would have never been aware of any of these problems , had it not been for the fact that Dave video taped our individual walks and then critiqued them.

I’m happy to say ,that by putting into practice, these missing pieces, that I’m starting to feel like I’m actually racewalking. Im starting to see now, that if I push off with that back foot and follow through correctly with the knee and hip, that my stride is definitely longer , I’m landing in the proper leg-foot position, and last ,but not least, I’m moving much faster.!! I think the fluidity thing ( the bounce) will come with time.

My brain is finally starting to connect the dots. ( now that my brain knows that the dots are there) Thanks Dave

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