1. RUNSFM ( San Francisco Marathon) , in July……… Half Marathon
  2. Nike Womens Marathon, in October ……………………Full Marathon
  3. A few smaller Venues through out the year

These are the biggys for me. I would have liked to try for the full marathon at the RUNSF but, they lowered the time limit to 6 hours for the 2006 event. The Nike Womens Marathon is a flatter course (no cable car hills) and the time limit is 6.5 hours

If I can finish the full marathon, I have no doubt about reaching my ultimate goal of a 30 miler . First things first.
Just the thought of me participating in a 26 miler, makes my partner nervous. He’s seen what I look like the day after doing a 13 miler. I must admit, doubling that distance seems like a long shot. Judging by how my body felt after crossing the finish line at the US HALF, this will definitely require more conditioning on my part.

Hey, non-athletes walk marathons all the time, but most of them are allowed 8 hours to do it in.

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