I always say race WEEKEND , because it’s not just the race I look forward to, it’s the expo, the crowds, the hype, the preparation , the meeting up with friends and bloggers, the pre-race jitters….it’s all those things . This will be my third time at the SFM, and my fifth half marathon in total.

As for the race itself , I plan to introduce my own style of marathon walking, what I call … interval racewalking!
Ironically, as I get better at legal racewalking, I’ve come to the realization, that you not only need good form, you need to go fast ….and stay fast! Obviously I’ll never be able to do the “stay fast” part , so does that mean that I’m not a racewalker?
Not at all… it just means that I have to break it up in small chunks… hence the term “interval racewalking “. Kinda like run-jogging a marathon, but in this case, walk-racewalking a marathon.

If I’m back in the green by then, I plan to do a 1:3 ratio of regular fitness walking to fast racewalking. My regular “fitness walking” pace is around 15, and my racewalking pace is anywhere from 7-12, depending on my lungs. During my training I’ve been able to maintain this 1:3 cycle for an hour or so, but this will be my first attempt at trying to sustaining it for up to three hours.
I’ll be interesting to see how this system will play out on the course.

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