Slow racewalker…… a contradiction in terms? , an oxymoron? Leave it to me to pick up a sport and modify it for my own physical limitations. If I do that, is it still considered racewalking? Who ever heard of a seasoned slow-racewalker? Even if you’re not into it for the competition, this particular walking style tends to attract a lot of attention and even a few laughs , which is probably another good reason, to do it fast.

As everyone knows, my latest conquest in the volkssporting world, is to become a proficient racewalker. I wanna do it right, I want to learn it from the pros and I want to practice it by the rules. There’s one slight problem, I don’t have the lung capacity to racewalk fast, which is the whole idea right? Actually, let me clarify that last statement; I don’t have the lung capacity to racewalk fast for…. LONG DISTANCES. (and by long distances , I mean anything more than 30 yards at a time) . I wonder if there is such a thing as a 0.02743 K race ? If you factor in my age, I think I’d have a pretty good chance of placing in that distance.

Perhaps my anxiety is a little premature ,since I haven’t actually begun formal training. On the other hand, maybe the instructor will tell me that this racewalking fantasy of mine, is a waste of time. Maybe having great technique alone ,is just not good enough?

Maybe speed is an essential part of it all. Maybe I should just stick to what I’m already pretty good at. You know, nice ,plain, comfortable and boring fitness walking Nah……….. Since when did I start caring about the competitive aspects of ANY walking sport. Im a 51 year old dude with F__ked up lungs. I just want to do it for the pure torture of it all (just kidding) The satisfaction of the accomplishment will be just fine thanks!

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