This chart represents my dyspnea levels ( shortness of breath levels ), recorded daily for the past 330 days , and is part of a year long research study I’m involved in that deals with dyspnea, it’s effect on ones ability to exercise, and the most effective ways of providing education and support to those with chronic shortness of breath.

You’ll notice in the center of the chart , there was an extended period from early November through the end of January, where I enjoyed lot of mild to only moderately difficult breathing days ( 1s & 2s on the chart) . Then , as we get into February , I’m not so lucky. My breathing gets progressively worse,and from late March to Late April, my dypnea levels shoot up in into the severe zone ( 3s & 4s), where it stays for quite a while (the #4s coincide with my hospitalizations). Finally , in early June my dyspnea levels start trending back down to to my baseline where they have pretty much remained since.

Along with my daily dyspnea levels, I also have to record all of my physical activity as well as my exercise goals . At the end of the study on Aug 28th, the researchers will analyze all the data and come to some sort of conclusion. I’ll post the findings after they’re published.

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3 thoughts on “Recording my life for science……(and $125.00 cash)

  1. Amy says:

    I wonder what that conclusion will be?

    Here’s hoping for those baseline levels to stick around for you.

  2. freadom says:

    Very intersting. It’s neat they pay you for this. Cool.

  3. Joey says:

    It’s cool that you’re doing this, here’s hoping the result is one that will help other BA’s around the world, even if the USA gets all the good meds first…not for long if my charity launches the way it should.

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