Its been two full months since my last asthma hospitalization and almost a full month since my last prednisone taper.( knock on wood) I’ve been doing pretty good on just the nebs and the puffers. This time of year ( Feb- April), Im usually at my healthiest. So over the next few weeks , I plan to put my training into high gear.

Overall , I had a decent walk month, putting in 30 miles in just the past 6 days . Most of those miles spent on de-programming my regular distance technique in preparation for this upcoming racewalking clinic. I’ve also been focusing on more upper body involvement , which brings with it, new upper body aches. I have a feeling that after I complete this new racewalking course, I will have new aches and pains in areas I never dreamt of.

My next major walking event isn’t until the end of July. That’s good, because I’m still recouping from the last two. It also allows me more time for experimenting with this new mixture of walking styles. Who knows, maybe I’ll set a goal to actually compete, in a 5K racewalk event. Even though Im sure I would come in dead last, it would give me the opportunity to have my racewalking proficiency critiqued by real racewalking judges.

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