In preparing to do this marathon for the second time, I thought it would be cool to retrace the marathon route step-by -step. However, the only available map of the course ,which is located on the marathon website , is more of a illustration than an actual map. So I decided to create my own map using Google maps. With a little research I was able to obtain some of the actual street names. Using that info, along with the website illustrations and my own recollections of what I actually saw while doing the marathon , I was able to piece together, what I believe, is a very accurate virtual tour of the Marathon course. The only part of the map that might not be a 100% accurate , is where the course goes through St Peters square near the Vatican. (That part of the marathon route was just added for the 2009 race)

Talk about deja vu , as I was viewing the completed map , going street by street as the course weaves in and out along the Tigress river, I was actually getting goose bumps. I had forgotten just how overwhelming an experience this whole thing was for me at the time. Things that I had totally forgotten about were starting to come back in my head clearer than ever. Walking past certain buildings or seeing certain street scenes in this virtual trip, triggered almost the same emotions that I felt when I was there for real. I can even remember what I was thinking at the very moment I passed certain landmarks along the way…

To take a virtual tour of the marathon course at street level, click on “larger view” at the bottom of the map.When the new page opens , zoom in on any part of the course ( the purple line). Look for the little yellow man located on the toolbar on the left upper side of the viewing window and drag him anywhere along that purple line. Click the arrows to move forward and drag within the viewing window to get a 360 degree view. The start of the marathon is the in front of the Colosseum ( blue bubble) , the finish line is behind the Colosseum.

View Larger Map

Btw….The Rome marathon people were so impressed by my map, they made it their own and put it on their Website!

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One thought on “Run the Rome Marathon right from your Computer.

  1. Fran says:

    Nice. Hope you’re recovering well from your recent difficulties. I’d hate to see you have to cancel your trip to italy.

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