Interesting article from a 2008 SARP study, titled…

“More than a Matter of Degree: Severe Asthma May Be a Different Form of the Disease”.

Seems to answer a lot of questions Ive always wondered about.

Dr Sorkness does a great job of explaining the basics of asthma as well as the research the SARP is doing, in trying to find out what makes the severe form of the disease different from the milder forms.

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3 thoughts on “SARP podcast

  1. Good interview-I listened most attentively!
    I'll be so interested in the results they gather from your guinea pig studies.

    All the best for the R & R

    Sus x

  2. Extremely happy to read severe asthma is more than a matter of degree, severe asthma may be a different form of disease.

    I experienced severe asthma, it was diagnosed as GERD and cured by fundoplication.
    From 2006, a center for GERD was created, more than 2000 have been treaded by Radiofrequency or fundaplication with good results.
    Welcome Prof. Ronald Sorkness or SARP come to visit us.

    Wang ZG. It is gastroesophageal reflux disease, but not asthma: a case report. Chin Med Sci, 2006,21:189
    Gao X, Wang ZG. Radiofrequency for respiratory symptoms due to GERD. Chin Med J 2011;124:1006

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