To say I’m worn out by the frantic pace of these last 3 months, would be an understatement. Going from the highest highs to the lowest lows, and everything in between, I’m flat out exhausted! I need a couple weeks of doing nothing overly physical , so that I can recharge my batteries and start all over again.

After last months flare-up, my lung function is gradually returning to baseline, but all those outdoor allergies have been kicking my butt. Ive even considered going back on Xolair. It didn’t do much for my asthma, but I think it helped with my allergy problem.

Of course, I’ve still been doing my 5 mile bridge walks 3x week. Nothing could stop me from doing those, it’s the only chance I get to racewalk, but that’s about it, as far as exercise goes. Ive been occupying most of my time, catching up with my blog reading, doing things around the house, and dealing with various media requests regarding my participation in the marathon. Earlier this week I gave an interview to a person who wants to write about me in her next motivational book.

This Saturday I’ll be out at the Al Zampa Memorial bridge in Crockett, Calif, to celebrate a friend and fitness walkers 1000th crossing of that bridge. That day will also mark my 800th crossing of the same bridge. I’ll write more about it next week!

Next race for me is the San Francisco Marathon ( 1/2 marathon–2nd half) . Finally, a world class event I don’t have to fly to 😉

Have nice weekend all!

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One thought on “Some down time

  1. Joey says:

    Enjoy the downtime, you sound like you need it. I’m all go at the moment trying to get my two books finished in time to start school again in October. I had to get a form signed yesterday and sent it off which means should get all the funding I need to do it without too much hassle…and if I don’t finish my books, I can work on them inbetween assignments (if I have time) or in the downtime I’ll have once my first course is finished while waiting for my second and third courses to start next year so it’s not a total loss.. 😀

    Take care of yourself, and if you read my blog, you’ll see I now have a second nebuliser for emergencies and it’s smaller and easier to carry around and has a battery and it was only £60, my other one was more because it has a converter built in so I can use it around the world, should I choose to travel back to the States to see friends, thanks for the suggestion of eBay, just a shame they wouldn’t work over here because of the voltage and plug difference!

    Keep safe

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