First, the good news; I got the results of my latest bone density scan , and guess what? I don’t don’t have osteoporosis anymore ! Since my last scan back in 2003 , my T score actually improved from – 2.7 to -1.9 They believe that this improvement is directly attributable to my walking and daily exercise program. A T-score of 1.9 still indicates a greater risk for bone fracture than most people my age, but it sure feels good to know that my exercise efforts have helped to substantially reduce lower that risk (btw…Osteoporosis is one of the more severe side effects of chronic steroid use).

Now for the not so good news; for the last 3 months Ive been experiencing numbness in my right hand . It started out as more of a nuisance than anything else, and I figured it was probably some type of medial nerve problem ( ie.. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome). But now the numbness has spread all the way up my arm to my shoulder and it drives me crazy. Sometimes my hand gets so numb , I can’t tie my shoelaces.
Yesterday they did a bunch of preliminary neurological tests and scheduled me to hook up with a Neurologist. They think it might be a pinched nerve or have something to do with a compressed disk in my neck, but until they rule everything else out, I’m supposed to wear this uncomfortable wrist brace at night .

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2 thoughts on “Some good news, some not so good news.

  1. Joey says:

    It’s great news about the Ostephoris (which I can’t spell) but not so good that you’re having neurological symptons – I had the same thing with the numb fingers and hand and my doctors believe it was because of lack of oxygen which was what made the decision to make me oxygen dependant and it’s helped, but I did have to wear a wrist brace for a while which was annoying but since I started the O2 it’s not come back, or at least not as often as it I just up the O2 when it starts and then it goes away – hope this isn’t the same for you!

    It’s great that all your walking has helped your bone density, I continued with my swimming yesterday and although I have a chest infection at the moment, it still helped me stay less breathless than when I started. Which reminds me, I couldn’t get a line last night so I’ll have to put one in this morning.

    Stay well and keep up with the walking!

  2. freadom1776 says:

    Doctors tried testing me for that when I was at National Jewish, but I refused. In fact, when I was 15 they told me I wouldn’t grow anymore because of all the steroid use. I am the shortest in my family, but I still grew.

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