Steve’s Drug Store

Welcome to my asthma drug closet. Here, youll find everything from short acting beta agonists (aka SABAs) to long acting anticholenergics (aka […]

ICU free for 6+ months

Ok, 6+ months of no hospitalizations might be a slight exaggeration. In reality and right in the middle of that 6 and […]

A life in General update

I try to update and post something new to my blog at least once a month, but on the social media front […]

Never trust asthma

Never let your guard down or be fooled into thinking that you have this disease under total control. No matter how good […]

2 years, 2 million dollars

Need proof of just how expensive asthma can be? These are my hospital bills for the last two years, coming in at […]

The asthma app is finally here.

After a year long collaboration with some talented engineering friends of mine, the app we’ve been working on is finally available for […]

But you look so healthy

How many of you with asthma problems can relate? “But you don’t look sick”, or “Your sats are OK” or ” “Maybe […]

Treatment overload

Yes, another update about treatment options. Things seem to be changing at a lightening pace now and it’s making my head explode. […]

Nebulizer Stew

Some people put them in the dishwasher, some clean them in sink, some soak them in vinegar, some use ultrasonic cleaning devices……. […]