Report card for Feb 25th 2006

Its been two full months since my last asthma hospitalization and almost a full month since my last prednisone taper.( knock on […]

Racewalking? I must be crazy

Slow racewalker…… a contradiction in terms? , an oxymoron? Leave it to me to pick up a sport and modify it for […]

I look too Healthy

I get this all the time……… “You look so healthy” “You don’t look like you have a disability” “You can walk farther […]

A COLD walk but a GOOD walk

Today’s walk was by far, the coldest and foggiest ones Ive ever done. 45 degrees when I started and 47 when I […]

Battle Scars……Electrode Gum

Can anyone out there relate to this? You’ve been home from the hospital for a few days now, and you still can’t […]

Bouncing Back from Hell

Well its Christmas day and I’m down to 30 mg of prednisone. With any luck I’ll be off this stuff within a […]

First Walks of the Winter

Unable to do much walking the past few days because of the bad weather. I went from wearing casual shorts to full […]

A little better

Today’s walk was more like an Urgent Care visit than an ER visit. A moderate improvement over yesterdays flop. Didn’t get real […]

The Pace factor

So much for walking long distances, the real challenge for me, even at short distances, is increasing my pace.. This has been […]