Asthma’s mental toll

I remember someone asking me recently, how it was possible that I was able to post a video and update my status […]

That time I DIDNT get intubated

The last few weeks have been nuts. With a rash of wildfires throughout the area and other health issues to deal with, […]

This recovery is different

If you’re a hardcore asthmatic or COPDer you know the drill. It’s begins with increasing difficulty in breathing, followed by a trip […]

Train Wreck

Sub Glottic Stenosis (PGS) with asthma exacerbation. That’s how this most recent hospital admission is listed on the AVS (after visit summary). […]

The Price tag for 2018

Need proof that asthma is an expensive disease? So far this year the medical bills associated with treating my asthma totals $1,362,067.99. […]

My 133rd hospitalization for asthma

My 133rd hospitalization occurred on 10-9-2017. The trigger wasn’t the usual environmental allergies or resp infection, this time it was smoke from […]