72 hours of hell.

I always try to write a little something about each and every hospitalization Ive experienced, but this is one Id just as […]

Number 95

Released from the hospital on July 14th, but still very sick. This was a real bad one. Will try to update in […]

Off for a while

Just got paroled after spending another 5 days in the hospital. Gonna need an extended period of time to recuperate and reassess […]

# 87

16 hours on Bipap, 36 hours on continuous Albuterol and 22 blood gas samples later….I’m pooped. This current prison stay took a […]

# 86

Wednesday I went in for a scheduled meeting with my parole officer and ended up back in the slammer for a few […]


Wednesday I was discharged from my 84 th incarceration for the crime of asthma. I hadn’t been breathing well for most of […]

Battle Scars……Electrode Gum

Can anyone out there relate to this? You’ve been home from the hospital for a few days now, and you still can’t […]