Glottic dilation #4

On Nov 26th, 2019, I underwent my 4th Glottic dilation in 10 months for my PGS. This most recent surgery was pretty […]

I live in the yellow zone

Always trying to figure out why my asthma is so difficult to control, I decided to look at my daily peak flow […]

Trapped in the yellow zone

We all know what it’s like to be in asthma purgatory for a few days or maybe even a few weeks, but […]

My old yellow is my new green

Just a year ago I was routinely hitting 370- 380 on the peak flow meter, representing the upper end of my green […]

Brief race update.

Had a great time and a stronger than expected finish at yesterday race. My final race results aren’t in yet due to […]

Flaring again?

I was going to blog about a nicer topic this evening, but my breathing kinda put a damper on that. Ive been […]

13 miles…. but at what price ?

OK, I’m starting to get a little frustrated. Ive been doing everything by the book in training for the upcoming marathon in […]

That was a close call

That last flare up was a bit too close for comfort. With the speed at which my PF’s and sats were dropping, […]

Asthma update

No major major complaints for the time being, but as always on the asthma front, there’s some good news and then there’s […]


Felt pretty good for a few days , even racewalked during a research follow up visit ( more about that later), but […]

The red zone

Yesterday I was in the green and walked 6 miles. Today I’m tittering on the red and I’m unable to do much […]