The green shoes are back.

Who hoo…scored! Remember the Asics Hyperspeed II and III’s that I had, but couldn’t make up my mind as to which ones […]

Taking Inventory

I currently have 7 pairs of racewalking shoes, 26 pairs of Defeet cycling socks ( my favorite), 8 pairs of running shorts, […]

15 down, 11 to go

Well, I’ve now walked further than ever before—15.4 miles to be exact. It’s also the slowest I’ve ever walked, averaging just over […]

Shoes – Before

These are my 550’s brand new out of the box. Related Posts:The green shoes are back.Green or Orange? Your mileage may varyNew […]

New Toy– New Shoes– New Pics

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Is it just me? or are there other walkers and/or runners out there who have problems finding the right shoes . I […]

New aches and pains.

Seems that the quest for improved walking efficiency has brought with it some new aches and pains. Yesterday’s walk included a little […]

My cat has a shoe fetish

This has been going on long before I started fitness walking………….. Related Posts:The green shoes are back.Green or Orange? Some down timeWinston […]

Walking Expenses

Living on a fixed income, I have to track all of my expenses closely. I just figured out that in the last […]