Your mileage may vary

Well, despite a few minor setbacks, I still managed to end the year with883 miles walked. A drop of almost 400 miles […]

Walk kind of walker are you?

Just as runners come in a variety of flavors (joggers, runners, sprinters, hurdlers, marathoners, ultramarathoners, etc.),not all walkers are alike. They also […]

I eat 10 milers for Breakfast

Today I did my first 11 miler (actually 10.8) of this training session and I think it went pretty well. I did […]

Yes…I still racewalk, but

While it’s true that Ive cut way back on my walking in general (my mileage total is way down compared to last […]

I’m three years old today

Hard to believe I wrote my first blog post and walked my first race 3 years ago this month. Who would’ve thunk […]


For some reason this has been one the toughest training seasons I can remember. Not because of my lungs as you might […]

Map my walk

My routine 5 mile loop.It takes me over the world’s most technologically advanced bridge …The Al Zampa Bridge Related Posts:I eat 10 […]