Take care of your teeth !!!

 Dental implant
Just as my marathon training is getting into full swing again, I’m already forced to take an unexpected break. No, it’s not asthma this time…. it’s my teeth.

To give you a little background on my dental woes; about 5 years ago they reconstructed my entire upper mouth by installing synthetic teeth attached to dental implants. It took almost 2 years to complete and cost somewhere around $30,000 .

Well, it seems I’ve developed a pretty severe pocket( bone loss) on the side of one of my implants and it needs to be repaired or I’ll loose that implant. I found all this out just last week and TODAY .. I go under the knife.
They’re going to cut back the gum around the implant post, pack it with synthetic bone material and then suture the gum back tightly around the post.
If that’s not fun enough, this particular implant supports several of the teeth which are visible when I smile. There can’t be any pressure on the area following the surgery, so basically I’ll look like a Jack-o-lantern for a few days until the swelling goes down.

Now the real good news ( insert sarcasm)….There’s no guarantee that this surgery will save the implant. If the bone graft doesn’t take, I’m looking at thousands of dollars in oral surgeon fees ( not to mention the pain ) to put another implant into the same hole… Oh..that sounds like fun.

OK….I can’t let a little thing like implant surgery and no money to pay for it….get me down.

Stay tuned for some gross pictures!

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One thought on “Take care of your teeth !!!

  1. There you go w/that positive mental attitude again. I was actually chuckling there at the last sentence even though I started out cringing as I read. I’m totally staying tuned….and thinking some good thoughts for your surgery and recovery as well.

    Asthma Mom

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