….aniufo08 ” And would it be asking too much, if you could beam me up to your space craft and zap me a new pair of lungs?”

In just a few hours, this lung defective humanoid is off to Nevada to not only do the ET marathon, but also to attend a string of 3 Manilow shows. (Here’s some photos I took at last years shows)
As far as the race goes,I’m only doing the 10k event this year and I won’t be doing any racewalking at all…just plain old fast walking. My lungs, while doing extremely well last weekend, haven’t been behaving very well this week and I don’t to aggravate things by pushing myself to hard. That, plus it’s kinda difficult to racewalk in total darkness anyway.

aliens 016 Anyways, this is the shirt I’m gonna wear for the race. I purchased the decal at the Lil Ale Inn cafe after lasts years race and I already had this bright ass day -glow shirt, so I threw the two together…and wallah.. I have my costume!

aliens 018

It’s going to be an interesting weekend, because immediately after seeing Barry Manilow’s Saturday night show at the Las Vegas Hilton, I have to drive to Rachel Nevada to do the race. I thought I had the logistics worked out to make this tight schedule do-able, but somehow I miss calculated the distance from Vegas to the race sight. Turns out that its 150 miles from Vegas. Barry’s show starts around 8pm and is usually over by 9:30, so hopefully I’ll still have enough time to make it to the race site before 1am ,which is the start time for my race. The only problem, is that I have to be within 32 miles of my starting area before 12 midnight, because the Nevada state troopers are closing the road for 20 minutes to allow the 51K runners to get their race underway. If I get caught in that mess, I’ll be late for sure. I might just try to sell my ticket for Saturdays show, so that I can get an earlier start.

When you’re trekking through a silent desert, in the middle of nowhere, during the middle of the night, your imagination can run wild,but that’s what makes this event so special and worth all the hassle of getting there. Too bad the Las Vegas Hilton, which is where I’m staying during my trip, doesn’t have the Star Trek Experience Exhibit Thingy there anymore….would’ve been perfect for this kind of weekend.

Unless I’m allowed to use the communication device on board the spacecraft, I won’t be posting again until the middle of next week.
Have a great weekend my fellow earthlings!

This is what the ET course looks like during the day…YIKES!

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6 thoughts on “Take me to your Leader!

  1. Kerri says:

    Super cool shirt! I LOVE IT!!

    Have a great time with the race AND the Manilow shows! Woohoo!

  2. Danielle says:

    This race sounds like a really cool experience, I would be totally into giving that a try! Have a great time and good luck!! I LOVE your shirt too!

  3. runliarun says:

    Can one race-walk through all that grass? Neat event, otherwise.

  4. Fran says:

    nice shirt. See that it even has reflective parts on it. Have fun!

  5. Stephen says:

    Hi Lia, Lol..The course is actually on a paved road. The picture just shows the scenery. You should do this race. They have a 32 miles, 26 mile, 13 mile and 6 race.

  6. LOVE IT! I have to make it out one year! 🙂

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