About every 8 weeks I have a bunch of asthma business that I need to take care of. I have to get in my “asthma patient mode” and focus on being a good asthma patient. I also like to get into my ” respiratory therapist role”, so that I can sound very knowledgeable about my disease……..it makes it easier on my Physicians.

This week I have 5 medical appts, all on the same day. Physical therapy in the morning, then a clinical airway research project follow- up interview, followed in the afternoon by an internal medicine appt , then a pulmonary function test, and last but not least, a visit to the USCF chest clinic to see my pulmonologist. I try hard to schedule as many of these routine medical appointments as I can for a single day,so that they don’t interfere with the rest of my life. I like to get all of this medical stuff out of the way so I can worry more about the things I like, such as the next race.

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One thought on “Taking care of Asthma business

  1. Joe Crawford says:

    Reading some of your commentary. Your medical history is scary and familiar. I am not ashtmatic but I spent a lot of time working in ICU settings and caring for folks like you. I probably also worked alongside lots of folks like you!

    All the best to you!

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