7 thoughts on “Taking Inventory

  1. You seriously need to get out more (LOL)
    I hope it’s all clean! You have even more than J’s got-separate closet-OMG, try you need a separate shed!!!


  2. That’s nuts. You have waaaay too much stuff!

    Answering your ?s from my blog –
    This was my 2nd Dave clinic. The first was in April 2007. Probably not my last one, though! I would like to do his weeklong camp in Florida. Or the one in Solana Beach… but I can’t come this year – no $ will be left after trip to Spokane in August and to San Francisco in October (we’re paying for my husband to come along; will have to meet up w/you sometime when we’re there – we’ll be in town October 17-20, but I digress). Solana Beach would be nice because my parents live about 40 min from there so I’d have free housing. We actually got married in Solana Beach, at the Presbyterian church just off I-5, but again, I digress! Yes, Dave is a totally awesome teacher and a funny guy.

    See you in October :)!

  3. LOL…..this looks like my sandals/towels/beach toys closet.

    That’s a pretty impressive collection of shoes/socks, though–makes me feel lazy.

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