Most recent Spirometry and skin tests:

My FEV1 increased to 1.48 liters ( 44% normal , up from 38% just two months ago) Only a slight improvement , but this is the highest my FEV1 has been in five years. I don’t know what to attribute this gain in expiratory flow rates to. Maybe the racewalking gods are smiling down on me, more likely it’s the Singulair that I started back on a few weeks ago.

During the skin test I had an acute reaction to some of the grass pollens and the dust mites controls. I went into mild bronchospasm and they had to give me antihistamines, albuterol and epinephrine to reverse the effects.
Because I’m so sensitive to certain allergens and histamines,they’re talking about putting me on Xolair (despite my low IGE levels .) This is an injectable drug that you get twice a month. It’s extremely expensive , but the they’ve shown good results in at least 50 % of the patients who have taken it. Though the drug is fairly new, they assure me that there are very few side effects have been reported.( This is important to me because I don’t anything to interfere with my marathon training.)
During the first administration they monitor you closely for a few hours because there’s a slight chance of anaphalaxsis from the drug itself, but after that — its a quick office visit twice a month.

I’m still waiting on the genotyping for the albuterol variant.

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One thought on “Test Results Encouraging?

  1. Annette says:

    I’ll admit, I didn’t understand half of what you were talking about – but it sounds like good news! 🙂 I bet all your training is making a difference. Keep up the good work!

    By the way – my eye is much better today! 🙂

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