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There are obviously high hopes for this new biologic medication, as many of us have tried everything imaginable to stabilize our asthma, but to no avail. If this new drug works even half as well as claimed, it would be a total game changer for those of us suffering from severe debilitating asthma who have uncertain phenotypes.

Im currently 4 months into my 3rd biologic medication trial. So far, I haven’t experienced a significant improvement in my symptoms from any of them. It’s very discouraging, though not totally unexpected. Most of the drugs I’ve tried target eosinophils, for which my blood levels are only marginally elevated. Like many others out there, I opted to go on these drugs, because frankly there was nothing else to try. A last-ditch effort, nothing to lose kind of rationale if you will.

Well, hopefully that all changes. Tezepelumab works differently than previous biologics and has been shown to significantly reduce asthma exacerbations in a much broader population of severe asthmatics, irrespective of the usual biomarkers of severe asthma, such as eosinophil counts, allergic status and exhaled Nitric Oxide levels.

Will Tezepelumab work on extra tough medication resistant “Steve Asthma“? That remains to be seen. I do however, feal a renewed sense that there is actually a new treatment option for someone like me. I haven’t felt that way in a long and I know I’m not alone.

Today’s new is very welcomed, but I know that the wheels turn slowly when it comes to the introduction of new therapies into the drug market. Not sure if, or when, the insurance companies will weigh in on all this, but you can bet I’ve already got the balling rolling into procuring this potentially life changing drug as soon as possible.

Thank You Astra Zeneca and Amgen for developing a drug that helps ALL TYPES of severe asthma.

Here’s to breathing easier in 2022 and beyond!

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