Little, as in little charges. Like this prescription of Ambien, which cost me whopping 45 cents! I couldn’t believe it. Or how about a 30 day supply of prednisone for 60 cents.

I get super low prices for my blood pressure and cholesterol meds as well, all thanks to the medicare prescription plan I started with last month. And it couldn’t have come at a better time, as money has been really tight since I started paying for most of my medical insurance premiums.


It’s too bad they cant extend these kinds of discounts for my asthma meds, like my inhalers which are still $100 a pop, or for the drugs that I get while Im in the hospital. I don’t pay for those directly, but somebody does, either the insurance company or the taxpayer. Check out the pharmacy charges for one week of drugs during a single hospitalization for asthma.


Or the $4000 cost of medication during a Cardiac catherization I had back in Aug. Really, 4 grand for an IV with special dye in it?


And the above scenario is just for a single occurrence. On average Im in the hospital 3-5 times a year. So it’s no exaggeration that severe asthma is an expensive disease for everyone involved. I guess that’s why I get so excited over the little things.

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