PF's are on the way up again
 A lot better than 200

That last flare up was a bit too close for comfort. With the speed at which my PF’s and sats were dropping, I’m really lucky I didn’t crash and burn. On Monday afternoon I finally turned the corner and now I think I’m out of the danger zone. I have a much better handle on my symptoms now and I’m breathing a lot easier. Still a little breathless on exertion, but not wheezing as much and my PF’s are starting to climb back up.

Don’t know if it was a delayed response to that 10 miler or what, but I hate it when my lungs start clamping down really fast and there’s nothing that I can do except wait and see. It’s always nerve racking because there’s always that uncertainty and unpredictability to contend with. I guess all you can really do is be proactive, follow your instincts along with your care plan , and hope for the best. You’d think that after dealing with situations like this for more than 50 years, that it would get easier, but it really doesn’t.

Today, I went back out and did a 4 miler to see if I could handle it. ( Yup, I’m crazier than #$*^%.) Hopefully, there wont be a repeat of Sunday evenings performance;-) .
As far as the future goes of walking marathons , I’m still on the fence. Not only am I dealing with my lungs, but now I’m also having pretty significant muscle and joint problems , for which I’m supposed to see a Sports Medicine doc and a Neurologist next week. Hopefully they can shed some light on why Ive been having so much pain.

Eventually I’m going to have face the reality that there’s a limit to my physical abilities. I might have to cut back to doing half marathons instead of full ones.

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1 thought on “That was a close call

  1. Glad you’re feeling better, was worried you’d end up doing what I did a few years ago and spend New Year’s in hospital..not a pleasent experience…but you’re on the up and that’s the main thing!

    Take care, Happy New Year and I’ll see you in 2009!

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