Isn’t it funny that you essentially have to do a marathon—- before you do a marathon?

Anyways…… The deed is done. On Sunday I walked 19.89 miles in 4:48 minutes . Total time with stretching and bathroom breaks was actually 5:16. Not as fast as the 10 miler I did a week ago, but certainly my fastest 20 mile walk ever ( the last 20 miler I did, took me 6 1/2 hours.) I think what helped me the most , was choosing a flatter course for a change. Instead of doing my usual loop around the city with all the hills, this time I did a simple out&back along the SF waterfront. A little more monotonous, but much easier on the legs.

Thank goodness this was the last long walk ( excluding the marathon). All I have left now, is a 12 and 10 miler which I might have to delay by a week until Im feeling better. I’m very pleased with my time,but last night I started coughing and today I’m really short of breath. This seems to happen every time I do a long walk in preparation for a marathon….EVEN if I do it slow. I’m so tired of it ! I mean, if I’m making myself sick every time I train for a race, what’s the point? I cherish my good breathing days so much ,that if it means cutting back on the walking…that’s what I’m gonna do………….starting after this next race of course!

Observations I made during the walk:

  • Miles 1-8 miles were super easy .
  • Miles 10-12, my legs hurt so bad , I wanted to call it quits.
  • Miles 13-15 , leg pain diminished, but lower back pain really acting up.
  • Miles 16-18, general fatigue and lungs acting up
  • Miles 19– felt better overall than I did at mile 10. What’s up with that?
  • For some reason I didn’t have any shoulder pain which usually starts at mile 12
  • I definitely felt better after I taking a gel ( took one every hour)
  • I used my inhaler 8 times (12 puffs)
  • I weighted exactly the same after the walk which means I hydrated properly.
  • Had to stop briefly every mile ( after mile 10) to stretch my back and calves.
  • Made 4 restroom stops.( clear urine)
  • Got caught up in a 1/2 marathon event that was taking place on the marina.
  • I hate wearing a camel back because it’s hard to racewalk while wearing one.
  • Loco Banditos are are definitely the shoe for me on long walks–No blisters
  • There’s tons of parking in downtown SF early on Sunday mornings.

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