Who hoo…scored!

Remember the Asics Hyperspeed II and III’s that I had, but couldn’t make up my mind as to which ones to wear at last years Boston Marathon? Well, as much as I wasn’t too crazy for the lime green color, those Hyperspeed II’s were probably the most comfortable racing flats I’d ever worn. They actually got me through my first Boston marathon in 2009 without a single blister. The Hyperspeed III’s weren’t too bad either, but most current model, the Hyperspeed IV., totally sucks. The new red color and the new style of the shoe is nice and all, but they fit totally different and seem to wear out twice as fast.

Asics, as with all other big shoe companies who cater to mostly non-athletic consumers, stopped making the green Hyperspeed II’s after a very short production run. It’s been really hard to find a pair…. even on the secondary market. Occasionally I’ll stumble upon an odd leftover pair, but they’re usually in a weird size like a 4 or a 13.
So anyway, a couple of weeks ago, totally out of the blue, I get this item alert from Ebay! A running club had just listed a brand new surplus pair in my exact size. I snapped them up for $50 and change…a bargain. Unfortunately, they only had that one pair or I would have bought out their entire inventory.

Not sure yet if I’ll be able to walk anymore marathons with my current lung function the way it is, but if I do, I’m gonna need some shoes I can depend on. These ones are tried and true.

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4 thoughts on “The green shoes are back.

  1. HeatherK says:

    Woo hoo! I hope you end up well enough to train for Boston. And if you do, you'll have the shoes to do it with. I finished my half-marathon this Sunday with a time of 4:03:20. Now that I've seen pics of me moving, I am reconsidering whether I want to train to run or walk. Turns out I have a huge stride – I am a natural for power walking. Considering how long you've managed to stay active, I'm giving it some serious consideration. Take care,


    1. Hey , Congrats on your finish. Better watch out though…. it\’s addictive.

      For get the \”power walking\” , you should look into Olympic racewalking. The real thing. You\’d probably love it.

  2. kerri says:

    Congrats on the find on the new shoes!! [And of COURSE you found the green ones. The powers that be know that those ones were Ms. Lovely's favourites! ;-)] Woohooooo!
    And $50 . . . even better!

  3. mymusicallungs says:

    Brilliant bargain!
    Well done!
    Happy Thanksgiving and Happy 21st Anniversary. That's wonderful. Double celebration! x

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