The Healthcare field, my second choice

Actually, I was going to save this topic for another day when I could spend a lot of time writing it but, for some reason I feel the urge to crank out a few words now.
While I was walking in Golden Gate park today , I was thinking back on my 25+ years as a Respiratory Care Practitioner ( RT for short). If I could do it all over again , would I? If I had to return to work tomorrow , could I?……… I don’t think so..Its pretty stressful work.

The medical field was never my first choice as a career, it was always my second. Medicine would be the path I would take ONLY if things didn’t work out with my real passion… Sound Engineering . At the ripe age of 23 , I was doing what I really loved but , I needed to make money. I needed a stable income and for the first time in my life I realized that I needed my own HEALTH INSURANCE . So healthcare , here I came..

(To be continued)

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