I’d choose a severe alcohol hangover anyday..What can I say…..I feel like I was hit by a train and lived to tell about it. Every joint in my body is aching. Like I had the shit beat out of me by a gang of racewalk hating runners. Why does it take a full day for your muscles to tell you that you’ve over done it??

I thought that since this was my second go- around that I would experience less post race aches..Boy, was I wrong. I stretched properly, drank a fair amount of liquids and ate well after the race. I thought for sure that it wouldn’t be as bad this time. I guess if Im going to continue doing these races that I better be prepared to suffer the consequences. I can only imagine what it must feel like after doing a full 26.2 miler. As for my lungs, well I’m back on neb treatments every few hours. I’m definitely tighter and wheezier today. I had a feeling yesterday, during the race, that due to the damp air on the bridge that I would probably be back on steroids within a couple days. During the race itself, I used the inhaler about 8 times ( way to much for the ordinary person), mainly after climbing hills.

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