Not sure the title of this post applies, since Ive already succeeded at this two times already, but it has a nice positive ring to it and it puts me in a good mood. So after months of contemplation and a series of decent test walks , Ive decided to take a 3rd shot at the grand daddy of all races !

OK I admit it, I’m an adrenalin junkie. I like it all. I like the preparation, I like the anticipation, I like the crowds, I like the excitement, I like everything that goes along with doing a big marathon… (except of course the pain afterward). I like anything that takes me out of my crappy breathing/ self pity zone, even if for just a few hours. Working hard towards a goal like this gives me reason to get up in the morning.

I’m not kidding myself, this will not be an easy undertaking. My lung function and tolerance for long distance speed walking is at an all time low. I missed out on 2 races last year due to hospitalizations and my FEV1 is 5% lower at 36%. Finishing this race, or even making it to the starting line, will the be one of the biggest challenges Ive ever set for myself, but this something that I really want to shoot for.

Training for Boston is always harder than the other marathons, because doing a spring race means preparing during the winter. Thankfully we don’t get snow storms or blizzards here in the San Francisco bay area, but we get tons of fog, and our fair share of freezing temperatures and rainy days, all of which tend to have a really negative effect on my breathing. Still, I think this is what toughens you up for the big day. If nothing goes wrong ( yeah , right), I will train a total of 11 weeks or 55 training days.
This year, more will be less. I’m pretty good in the short distance already, so I’m reserving most of my energy and breath on the longer hauls.

Now I’m sure a few of my friends and family are going to think I’m totally insane for wanting to do another marathon, but they also know that it’s pretty much pointless to try and talk me out of it. The last few months have been incredibly difficult for me, and if dreaming big and getting a little reckless is what it takes to get past those bad times, then I think the cause is worthy. If I succeed in pulling this off, it will make my 8th full marathon and 3rd straight Boston in just 5 years. There aren’t too many people on the planet who can say that.

As in previous years, I’ll be in starting the race along side the other mobility impaired athletes in Hopkinton, Massachusetts at 9am on April 18th. I have the option of bringing a 2 person crew along with me on the course . I’m unable to pay for expenses, but if anyone out there is going to be in Boston on that day anyway, and would like to do the race with me, drop me a line. ( As of this posting, one of the positions as already been filled).

I’d also like to take time now to thank the kind folks at for their support in providing me with shoes and other racing apparel for the Boston marathon. If you’re looking for running shoes or specialty shoes, these guys are awesome. ( Use the link on my sidebar for a special discount).

[Someone held this sign up at last years race… I Love it!]

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10 thoughts on “Third time’s a charm

  1. Greatest sign EVER.

    You already know I am PUMPED about your decision to tackle Boston again. Of course . . . you're going to have to keep us posted race day with that fancy phone of yours–and, you know, until then of course! 😀

    Haha, I SO wish I were prepared for a marathon, because I would totally LOVE to come. I hope your other crew member is a certain OTHER hyper girl with Stitch ears ;).

    1. Thank Ms Ninja. I actually don\’t need a guide, but it sure does help having someone there. I did ask her, but I think she already has other race plans.

      Boston is a costly proposition. It\’s tough to ask people to fork out a thousand bucks or more to cover their own travel expenses when theyre helping me out. I\’m hoping for more corporate help as the date gets closer.

  2. So pumped! You're in for a climb, but I can totally see why you wouldn't want to give up the experience, I hear the crowds and atmosphere are amazing! Give 'er!

  3. This is so positive. Wonderful reading. What a way to boost your seratonin and climb out of the proverbial winter hole. It'd be quite some accomplishment for an able lunged athlete-I reckon you should hit the newspapers and racing mags and try and get Corporate sponsorship-somebody surely would be really proud to have their logo alongside you on your big big day.
    Here's to it! x

  4. YAY! I'm training for another half in April, which is pollen season…but hopefully it will be winding down by the time my pace partner and I do the race. I think that training reinforces the notion that even though the lungs suck, the rest of the body is good and we gotta take care of it, you know?

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