I really must get a new wardrobe.

Doug took this picture with this phone cam right after I came off the breathing machine… ( Hey, I have a blog to maintain)

failed multiple attempts by medical student to place an arterial line artery.

I’m actually allergic to steroids? How weird is that!

Years and years of IV steroids use have destroyed my veins. The only one they could find was in my foot. Have you ever had an IV in your foot?…. ouch !

So anyways, this is what my “red zone” looks like when it gets out of control.

I had a pretty severe attack last week ,which almost did me in. Because of that, I had to withdraw from the Trail 2 Cities half Marathon in Clovis this weekend… My very first DNS due to asthma ! Oh well, I guess it was bound to happen eventually. I hope this is not going to be a trend. Thank you to all the wonderful Doctors , Nurses , Respiratory Therapists and the Walkingfasterclub members for putting up with my crap.

This was my 88th hospital admission for asthma. This exacerbation was particularly severe and took a lot out of me . I suspect it will take me a several weeks to recover, so please excuse me if I don’t update my blog as often during this time period.

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5 thoughts on “This is why I couldn’t race this week.

  1. HUGs

    I have a hard enough time with an IV placed in my arm/hand. I think the foot would have drove me nuts!

    Sorry about the half 🙁

  2. Hugs first to Douglas for being the best … and hugs to you for being a fighter …

    Oh – this is your First and LAST DNS due to Asthma! (smile)

    Looking forward to racing with you soon!!!!

  3. hey Bro hope ur feeling better…

    this JFK race wont have live time results I dont think, so thats a bummer…I am excited and obviously a bit freaked out but ready & will be focused at the starting line to finish..

    and yes TWO 100’s milers planned for 2008′ OD Memorial in May and yes back to the TETONS for the 100miler in Sept, which will be insane…so now u can follow for 30 plus hours on the website–LOL

    Glad ur feeling better

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